Posey Eats — A Baby-Led Weaning Update


¬†Posey’s been eating solids for about three weeks now, and in a case of second-baby syndrome striking again, I’m just now blogging about it.

We delayed introducing solids till she was about a week past 6 months because she was still a bit wobbly sitting unassisted. So by the time we started giving her food, she was ready.

Signs we look for to know if baby is ready for food:

  • Sits well unassisted
  • Shows an interest in food (she’d been eyeing our plates for weeks)
  • Has ability to pick something up and put it in her mouth

Like her big brother before her, Posey’s first food was avocado:



She loved it!

The first few times Harry ate, it was really more like “eating.” He’d pick the food up, ¬†gum it, and move it around his mouth, but not much got ingested.

Posey was the exact opposite. She started eating right away, and now just a few weeks later, she eats three meals a day.

When we were in Florida last week, my mom was amazed at how much food she could eat and how well she could feed herself.


One night when we were out she ate: pieces of Harry’s chicken fingers (my mom shredded them so she was just getting meat), Mandarin oranges, some of my grouper, pinto beans, and rice.

Harry wasn’t able to pick up pieces of rice till mid-summer (it’s handy having kids who share a birthday!), but she is already showing great use of the pincer grip.


So far Posey’s had:

  • avocado
  • watermelon
  • mango
  • pears
  • banana
  • peaches
  • cherries
  • rice
  • pinto beans
  • butter noodles
  • chicken
  • Grouper
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • yellow pepper
  • pickle
  • cucumber
  • Cheerios
  • bread
  • waffle
  • puffs (that Harry calls “cereal” and always asks for)

She’s so into eating and food that we basically just throw whatever we’re having on her tray. The only things we’ll hold on are cow’s milk, honey, and shellfish (for now).

Her diet is pretty fruit heavy and that’s because so is ours. Looking at the list makes me realize we need to start eating more veggies so that she can too!

Do you practice baby-led weaning with your littles?

Happy eating!