I Have, I am, He is Enough — OneWord 2014

I was born with a chronic case of stuffitis. I’ve long been the type of person who wants more of everything. If it’s good, I want more of it. More stuff, more attention, more food. More babies.

It’s exhausting, really. And it’s no way to live, not for the long haul. I have moments, even seasons, of contentedness, but they never last. I always end up wanting that elusive more.

But He is enough. He is more than enough. And through Him, because of what He has done for me, I am now enough. Just as I am.

I have been given so much already. What is there possibly more of that I could need? I have enough food to eat. Enough clothes to wear. Enough things in my home. My family is enough, just as it is.

My prayer for 2014 is that God helps me to know this—deep in my bones. That it is all enough. And to know if it were all stripped away, all that I own and have and love, Christ is enough for me.

OneWord 365

So may this year be the year it sinks in.

Christ is enough. I am enough. I have enough. It is all enough.

Did you choose a OneWord for 2014?



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    my word is Rest. I so easily get worked up, take on too much, think to highly of myself and what others think of me, etc. I need to rest my soul in the One who has done it all for me. Who made me who I am.

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    I didn’t really pick a word on purpose, but a theme kept presenting itself to me: “Open.” To be open to opportunities to help others, to be open to receiving help, to be open to possibilities. In being open, I’m learning to allow God’s blessings to flow where they may, and not worry about the intricate details.

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    Johanna- wow! I have this syndrome too. Thanks for being so honest. I struggle with seasons of contentedness followed by intense bouts of ‘I want it all’. My word for 2014 is Brave, I want to be brave enough to be content.