Day 31: Letting God Write Our Story


So here we are on Day 31.

I didn’t update every day, barely even every other day, but I wrote often, much more often than in months past. And I told some stories that I’d wanted to tell.

So it was a worthwhile endeavor. (I hope you think so too.)

Tonight we set out with a lion holding his daddy’s hand and a zebra on my hip. We knocked on our neighbors’ doors and smiled at all the costumes. Harry learned to say “trick or treat,” and by the time we were done, his little pumpkin was so heavy I had to carry it. An ordinary night made extraordinary because of the ones I got to spend it with.

I’m so grateful for our life, for their lives. I’m thankful for our story. I couldn’t have written it. I couldn’t have even imagined it.

Yesterday I thought of our baby; our one and only glory baby. How that little one would be almost four and how if she were with us, I wouldn’t be Harry or Posey’s mom. We wouldn’t have been ready to adopt in 2010 had I still been pregnant. And if we didn’t have Harry, Posey’s birthmom wouldn’t have picked us. He is why she chose us; a brown-eyed brother for our brown-eyed girl. Four people who would otherwise be strangers, brought together to become a family.

There is no fair trade, no her for them. Never think that I would think that. Only that we are never left in our pain. The Gospel is not just a ticket to heaven; a free pass out of hell. It is the story of setting things right. I don’t know what your story looks like or how God is moving in the narrative of your life. I only know that He is.

And if you let Him write your story, it’ll be the greatest one ever told.


{This post is a part of a 31 Days series of telling our story. You can find an index of all the 31 days entries here.}


  1. says

    So beautiful! I loved that you got to tell your stories this month because I for one needed to hear them. “I don’t know what your story looks like or how God is moving in the narrative of your life. I only know that He is.” — That perfectly sums up everything. Thank you!

  2. alisa beth says

    I loved all the stories you shared, each one so beautiful in its own way! I also think each story made me cry, or at least tear up! Thanks for sharing.