7 Things on a Sunday

1. The weather this weekend is ridiculous. Low 60s, sunny. Yesterday afternoon all five of us took a walk around our neighborhood with Harry on my back in the Ergo. Hoofing it with 24 extra pounds on my back surely cancelled out those Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups, right?

2. Well, we finally had to trim his hair. It kept getting in his eyes, so I just trimmed the front myself. It looks fine when you brush it to the side, but when it falls down his forehead it looks a little like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber.

3. We’re still (STILL) fighting a diaper rash, but I’m so tired of disposable diapers. The blow out, the leaking overnight (he soaked through to the mattress pad which has never happened before), the cost, the waste. So I went and bought some fleece liners, and some disposable inserts, and we’re going back into our bumGenius. I read where a mom kept the fleece liners separate and washed them separately, so that’s the plan for when we’re home. And then I’m going to send probably our GroVia shells with disposable inserts to daycare tomorrow. We’ll see.

Baby smoothie & Mama smoothie.

4. We are still loving our Green Smoothies. We typically make the same recipe every time: coconut water + two handfuls fresh spinach + Kefir + half banana + frozen fruit. (Usually just strawberries, but sometimes we do a mix of berries.) We also add 1 Tablespoon of Flax Seed oil and 2 Tablespoons of hemp protein powder from Trader Joe’s. Any recipes you’re enjoying?


5. I haven’t blogged about this at all, but have talked about it on Twitter and Instagram. In mid-February, I started washing my face with oil. (Whaaa?) My friend Jill started doing it (inspired by Tsh at Simple Mom), and with her encouragement, I made the switch. Since my skin is dry (but I still get acne — lucky me!), I am using a mixture of 3 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil to 1 part Castor Oil. I also add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to help with break outs. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to traditional cleanser. Since I started, I’ve only had two active break outs, but more importantly, my skin no longer feels tight and itchy. The few times I’ve felt to lazy to do the process, I regretted it immediately. My skin felt dry and itchy and awful right away.

6. Two recent Harry developments that are too cute to wait till his 16-month letter. First, he can now make animal noises. He has “baaa” for sheep down pat, but will do “woof” for dog and “roar” for lion if you do it first. Second, he now gives kisses. It’s probably the best thing ever.

7. I bought a ticket to Allume (which used to be Relevant). I’ve never been to a big blogging conference before, so I am a bit apprehensive about it. But I thought I should just take the plunge and go for it. Will you be there?