My Sweet Girl

198|365: Posing

When Scout was still a puppy, she and I (along with Montego) housesat for Sarah and Doug (and Biscuit and Bella) for about a week. Biscuit and Bella love ice from the fridge dispenser, and since Scout was an impressionable little puppy, she picked up the habit.

We didn’t have an ice dispenser in our rental here in Minnesota, so it’s been funny to watch that little quirk come back out since we’ve been in our new house. Regardless of where she is (or how long it’s been since she just had a piece of ice), when she hears the grinding of the dispenser, she comes skittering over to the fridge.

Scout has her naughty qualities — she barks at strangers and we’re always a little bit unsure of her around unknown female dogs — but she is just such a joy. She smiles, actually smiles, and you can’t stay mad at her when she does. If we start dancing, she tries to dance with us and she even knows the command “dance.” (My mean husband won’t let me post the video I took of her dancing.)

I just love her.



  1. KC says

    Your relationship with Scout is so close to how I feel about my dog Penny.

    If you have the time, and you haven’t already, you should watch the movie “Hachi, A Dog’s Story” with Richard Gere. It’s a true story, and it will break your heart into a million pieces. But in a good way.

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