Sir Eller Hiccupsalot

(Yes, that’s his real name.)

So, I’m doing this little photo project with Eller in 2010, and I’ve managed to actually keep up. (Shocker. Probably because it’s weekly, not daily.)

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a variety of images with him, since his daily routine involves sleeping as much as possible, holding still and sticking out his tongue. But I needn’t have worried.

He’s become a stellar little model …

18/52: A Dog Among Weeds

17/52: What's so funny, Eller?

He really is full of personality. I thought he would put up the biggest fuss about no longer being allowed on the couch, but he’s adapted quite well. We threw a dog bed in the corner of the living room, and it’s like he knew it was just for him. (I mean, it’s not just for him, but Eller seems to think everything in the world is just for him.)

Even though, really, he can sleep anywhere …

14/52: I think Eller likes the new house

Since moving into the new house, we’ve been taking him and Scout (rarely all four, though it has happened), over to the nearby dog park. When you walk in, you can go right to walk the long trail around the multi-acre fenced area, or go left up a little hill to where most folks gather and there’s a water station. Well, typically we go right to get some exercise, but Eller knows if he goes left there are people to fawn over him and give him treats. So often, as soon as we enter, he charges ahead, up the hill, to his crowd of fans who literally (literally) cheer his name.

13/52: Wide Angle Eller

It’s a little annoying, because come on, dude. But really, I get it. Dog’s a star.




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