Halfway to Whole

Today is Day 15. We now have fewer days in front of us than we’ve completed. That feels really good.

Whole30 Day 15

I’m pretty sure that we can do this—that we can transition our family to a Paleo way of eating and approaching food—long term.

We just feel so much better. I’m comfortable in my clothes. I don’t feel grossly-full like I often did after eating carb-heavy meals. Aaron struggles with diverticulitis and one of the key ways to keep that at bay is with a high-fiber diet. The other day he said something about how he hadn’t had any stomach pain in days, and I asked “Did you have stomach pain often?” Every day, he told me. Every day! And that’s gone. He was tired and sluggish a lot. (We both were.) And now we’re not. It’s like we woke up. Like we’re really, truly awake these days.

Whole30 Cowboy Chili

We went tailgating yesterday for the Vikings home opener and though there were donuts and drinks and so much yummy-smelling food in the stadium, we ate our chili and drank La Croix from cans, and just kept on. It was doable. (Though Aaron admits he’s looking forward to a Bloody Mary at the first home game in October.)

I don’t blame you for being skeptical. was skeptical for a long time.  I probably followed Whole30 on Instagram for a year and a half before I found the nerve to order the book and bring it up with Aaron.

I found an old post in a private diet-related Facebook group I belong to where I asked if anyone had any experience with Whole30. It was from April 2013. The concept was pooh-poohed as being something radical. Something only crazy Crossfitters can do. Something that doesn’t work past day 31. And I read my own words where I said how I doubted I could do it anyway. Give up sugar? Milk? Cheese? CHEESE, y’all. For a month? No. There’s no way I could do that, my past self wrote.

But we are doing it. I don’t really miss lattes. My cup of coffee with coconut milk does it for me. I don’t miss bread at all. Or beans. I kind of miss cheese. I certainly miss pizza. (But I don’t miss the way pizza makes me feel. Nope, no way.) Will there be things I reintroduce on day 31? Yes. But there will be a lot of foods I won’t reintroduce, and I’m more than okay with just being done with them.

Whole30 breakfast

Whole30 chicken salad


I’m regularly eating foods I rarely ate before. Raw radishes. Squash (peeled into “noodles”) in place of pasta. Even though I feel like we are grocery shopping constantly, our grocery expenses are basically flat. We’re only buying produce and meat. No more snacks or food in boxes or “spreadable butter.”

I think it’s been easier since I’ve been home. I’m not tempted by all the dining-out lunch options. My choices are what’s in the fridge, so it’s usually leftovers or (delicious) chicken salad.

But the pros go beyond the physical. It’s given Aaron and me something to partner in. We meal plan together; cook together; look up recipes together. (And do dishes together. Oh so many dishes!) We’re a team. I’ve been cooking a lot more. I almost never cooked, unless you count making a box of mac and cheese for the kids. Aaron was our primary chef, and even he didn’t do a ton of from-scratch cooking. That’s all changed.

We also eat so many more meals now as a family. Part of this is because of the change of me now staying home, but during our warm-up round in August, when I was still working, we ate breakfast together every day. That’s continued. It’s always been a dream of mine to be the kind of family who sits around a table together, and now we are. I thank Whole30 for that.

Whole30 Day 1

If I can do this, anyone can do it. Anyone.

So why not you?