Priceless Holiday Cards {A Minted Review}

This never happens, like ever, but I was actually on the ball when it came to our Christmas cards this year.

Typically, I’m dragging everyone outside to try to get a picture before it snows and no one will look at the camera, and oof.

But this year we had family photos taken (first time in two years), so I was itching to get our cards done.




(Lesson learned: if you take candy for your kids to bribe them during pictures? Take candy that they can eat quickly and that doesn’t melt/make a mess. In other words, don’t take candy pumpkins. Meeeeemories!)

For the first time, I tried Minted and was so pleasantly surprised and happy with the experience.

In the past, I’d preferred something a little more custom, but what I didn’t realize is that Minted allows you to edit text and many of the designs have a variety of color options, so you get the customizable card experience without having to be a graphic designer. (Or without having to pretend to be one, like I used to do.)

There are so many great and fun designs. Like hundreds and hundreds of them. Many of them work for Christmas, holiday, or New Year’s cards. All you have to do is click a button and the text swaps out. (Pretty slick.)

Minted is a “design marketplace,” which means they source creative content from independent artists and designers. I love that you can see the artist behind each design and read more about them. You can even look at a specific designer’s entire catalog if you find someone whose work resonated with you.

Since I wore a pink sweater for our photos, I wanted to try to find some designs with a touch of pink. Their advanced search feature lets you look through designs by color.


(I really loved this design, and it was a top contender, but not our final choice.)

One of my favorite parts of using Minted is the FIND IT FAST feature, which drops your photo (once you upload it) into all their card options, allowing you to choose (and eliminate) quickly.

I marked more than a dozen favorites and designed at least half that many. I sent a picture to a friend asking her to help me choose. (I am typically a decisive person, but sometimes I have a really hard time choosing. Luckily, I figured there was really no way I could choose wrong with so many great options.)


The final feature that made Minted the right choice for us this year is all the customization you can do once you choose a design. Want a different shape? Scalloped edges or rounded corners? Done. One of the must-haves for me was the ability to have a two-sided card. That’s valuable real estate!

Almost all of the flat card designs allow you to add photos and/or text to the back of the card.


I added a few more photos (another family pic + individuals of the kids), plus a little bit of text.

I received our cards on Monday, two days earlier than predicted. They are lovely. The colors look beautiful, there’s no bleed through from one side to the other (despite the back of our card being full bleed red), and the weight and feel of their signature paper (120lb for those who care about such things) is perfect.


If you’re still looking for cards this holiday, definitely check out Minted. They’re currently offering 15% off with the code HAPPYHOL15* through 11/25, so get to gettin’. 

*They’re also offering free card addressing with that code, which is a crazy good deal. It looks beautiful, but I’m a weirdo who actually likes hand addressing 100+ envelopes.

Disclaimer: Minted compensated me for writing this post, but all opinions are my own. Yup yup.