Whole September


Our first Whole30 attempt ended up being more of a warm-up round than a champion finish, which we kind of expected, knowing we’d end our summer at the foodganza known as the Minnesota State Fair.

But the few weeks we did put toward it were so positive* that we knew we wanted to give it a true 30-day go, and what better month than September?

About a dozen or so others are joining in, and I welcome all the support possible. Follow along at #wholeseptember on Instagram. (And if you want to jump in, let me know. I’ll add you to the Facebook group.)

Whole September

We’re better prepped this time with a stoked fridge and pantry. Today we’ll make mayo and a week’s-worth of chicken salad for lunches. We’ve got six dinners planned out and chalked in. (Don’t ask me why I abbreviated sweet potatoes as “spts,” but hey, it fits.)

Whole30 dinner plan

So here’s to a Whole September. To fresh starts. To good food. To healing and health.

*A few of the benefits we noticed after only two weeks:
less bloating
better digestive health
way less irritability (me!)
more energy
better sleep
dramatic reduction in cravings for treats/dessert